Brush Cutters TBC261S-SJ

Features Primer bulb for easy starting Effective anti-vibration system Engine clean air-intake system Combination throttle / switch structure Auto feed nylon head Line blade to keep trimmer line the perfect length Nylon head and metal blade …

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> Primer bulb for easy starting
> Effective anti-vibration system
> Engine clean air-intake system
> Combination throttle / switch structure
> Auto feed nylon head
> Line blade to keep trimmer line the perfect 
> Nylon head and metal blade


Displacement                                                                 25.4CC

Power                                                                             0.75kW

Idling speed                                                                    3200r/min

Weight                                                                            5.2kg/5.3kg

Two-cycle Oil/Gasoline Mixing Ratio                            1:40

Tank Capacity                                                                 600ml

Working Pole Diameter                                                  26mm